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5 Ways to Enjoy Great Sex During Your Period

Periods put a major downer on many of us vagina owners. Being an escort who experiences heavy menstrual cramps, headaches, and other annoying symptoms during shark week can turn your job into an absolute nightmare perb. All you want to do is stay in bed and wait for the pain, heavy blood flows, and mood swings to subside. At the same time, you hate not being able to spend time with your amazing regulars leolist toronto.

There are many special drugs on the market for those bad tummy pains. The question is: how do you deal with a messy menstrual flow? We want to show you that there IS life during your period and you don’t have to schedule your agenda around it. You can still go on fabulous dates with your favorite people and make money. Let’s see how you can turn sex into a clean and fun experience whenever that horrid moment of the month returns carmen fox.

  1. Dark towels to the rescue

Do you have a favorite place where you buy all your stuff for home? Make some time and visit it to buy a dark towel. It will come in very handy when you’re on your period. Simply place it on your bed, then get hot and heavy with your partner. The towel is made of dense fabric which will trap the blood like magic. Your date will be none the wiser about it toronto passions!

  1. Switch to shower sex

If your client is OK with it, tell him that you’d like to move the steamy action over to the shower. It’s a great idea for those period days where you have heavy flows escorts. Not to mention that it’s a clean way to enjoy sex without seeing unpleasant blood stains all over when you’re in the throes of passion.

  1. Use the FLEX Disc

No idea what we’re talking about? FLEX is a body-safe flexible tampon that blocks a woman’s cervix for up to 12 hours like a champ. Its soft, round form makes it easy to insert it into your vagina. It catches your menstrual fluid and prevents it from leaking everywhere when you have sex terb. And don’t worry: there’s no risk of experiencing toxic shock syndrome when you use it. Your customer won’t even know you’re wearing the FLEX!

However fabulous it might be, this flexible tampon won’t protect you against an unwanted STI or pregnancy. Our recommendation: use it but keep a condom close by and add a birth control method in the mix.

  1. Do it Greek style

Using the back door when you’re in your monthlies will be fun for everyone involved. You’ll be able to keep your tampon on and he’ll have the best time of his life! If you’re still afraid that blood might leak now and then, we suggest blindfolding your date. Both of you will be able to concentrate on the new sensations you’ll feel instead of anything else.


  1. Buy a sex blanket

We already talked about a dark towel, so why not a sex blanket? It’s really no joke, there is such a thing as a blanket for mess-free fun and it’s called the Liberator Fascinator Throe Moisture-Resistant Sex Blanket. It’s perfect for both incalls and outcalls and it looks simply luxurious. The blanket has a double-sided velvet fabric that absorbs fluids twice as much as other materials.

If you’re at your client’s place, ask him discreetly to give you some time before starting the session. Put the Liberator Fascinator sex blanket on the bed and let the wild times begin. Do the same during your incalls.


Periods shouldn’t mean the end of the world, dear escorts. We hope our tips and tricks will help make period sex enjoyable instead of messy and gross. Leave a message below, we’re looking forward to hearing if they worked or not so we can give you other alternatives.